Since 1991 where ERRC has been establishes up to day, the ERRC conducted several projects and training courses in the fields of environment. Bellow is a list of the major projects that conducted by our center and a brief description:

1-      Project title: Accommodation of natural methods for waste water treatment in           Gaza Strip- Quality control of drinking and used water (1992-1993)

            Supported by: German partners.


2-      Training program for engineering working in the waste water sector (1993)

      Supported by: IHE – Delft (German)


3-      Water and waste water samples analysis for different local and international institutes in Gaza Strip (GTZ, PECDAR, UNRWA and local municipalities- 1992-1993).


4-      Project: Analysis of Rafah waste water treatment plan (1994-1995)

      Supported by: DEVCO Company (Irland)

      Budget: about 15000 US$.


5-      Waste water and soil analysis for Beit Lahiya treatment plan (1995-1996)

      Supported by: UNDP, WRAP

      Budget: 30000 US$.


6-      Training course on public awareness and water use (1995)

      Organized by: Water Resources Action Program, University of Bradford.


7- Training course on Planning, Implementation and Management in Water Sector       (1995).

      Organized by: Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (CDG)- Germany.

8-      Training course on Technical Training in Water and Sanitation (1995)

      Organized by: CDG- Germany.


9-      Training course on Environmental Toxicology (1995)

      Supported by: British Council- UK.


10-  An agreement with Swedish Company represented by the local Palestinian group (TEAM) to analyze the Northern Gaza Strip waste water treatment plan and sludge analysis (1996- 1997).

      Supported by: Swedish Project

      Budget: 25000 US$.


11-  Project title: Sea Water and Beach Quality Assessment- Gaza Strip- Monitoring of Beach Quality (1998 - 1999)


Objectives of the project:

·         To outline the safety measures to the local authorities to ensure the safety and attractiveness of the Gaza beach as a resort area and tourist feature.


·         To provide the local authorities with dates and information about the long-term impact of sewage on the sea water quality and fishing.

·         To develop of the human skills of under- and graduate students in the Environmental & Earth science Department through the positive participation in conducting the research studies.

·         Developing of scientific and technical capability of the Environmental and Rural Research Centre in conducting studies to serve the local needs.

Project activities:

·         Field work

·         Training of the ERRC staff

·         Laboratory testing

·         Data processing

·         Public awareness programs.

·         Reporting

Budget: 43 000 US$                

      Supported by: Norwegian Representative in Palestine


12- Project title: Seawater and Beach Quality Comprehensive Assessment Study in Gaza Strip (2000-2001)

Supported by: AGFUND (Arabian Gulf Fund), The United Nation University (UNU), International Network on Water Environment and Health (INWEH).

Budget: 150 000 US$

Project activities:

·         Assessment of seawater pollution (water quality survey planning, sample collection and analysis, data processing and reporting).

·         Capacity building for undergraduate students (Training program development).

·         Disseminating results (poster, leaflets design and production, workshop, reports).


            13- Project title: SMAP (Solid Waste Management Program (2000-2001)

                 Supported by: EC


14- Project title: Policy Guidelines for Sustainable Wastewater Management in the Gaza Strip (2001-2002).

            Supported by: EC (Life Third Countries Program-European Commission.

            Budget: 450 000 Euro.

          Project objectives:

·        The overall objective of the guidelines is to preserve the environment by sustainable management of the water resources.

·         The main objective is to reuse all treated wastewater to improve the water balance and ground water quality as well as protection soil and public health.

·        The treated wastewater should be used for irrigation and ground water recharge.


15- Project title: Sustainable Water Management in Mediterranean Costal Aquifers/Recharge Assessment and Modeling Issues (SWIMED).


Supported by: European Commission Research Programs

Duration time: 2003-2007

Project partners: Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus.

Project objectives:

·         Managing hydrological database with focus on coastal aquifers.

·         Modeling and simulating ground water flow and sea water intrusion.

·        Optimizing the location and recharge according to prescribed conditions.

·         User-friendly interface through GIS.

·         Scenarios analysis and decision making by combining environmental, socio-economic as well as more technical and water specific characteristic developed acting as a decision support system.

16    mprove the quality of potable water used by the government elementary schools in Gaza Strip.

Funded by : USAID (Through RAFEED)

Budget: 259,924.4 US$

Duration time: 2003-2004

17- Project title: Conducting Heavy Metals

Consultation Firm : Almadina and Enfra

Duration time: 2011

17- Project title: Analyses  Vitamen A And D3

Consultation Firm : ARD EL INSANe

Duration time: 2013